World Defense Show 2024: LACROIX to unveil empowered S-KAPS configuration

  • LACROIX will be showcasing its latest S-KAPS generation upgraded with Local Situational Awareness 360° solution by Bertin Technologies.
  • S-KAPS (Soft-kill Advanced Protection System) is displayed on UAE Pavilion/ NIMR booth Hall 2 P2.

LACROIX has engineered its self-protection system into an open and scalable solution named S-KAPS to enhance the survivability of battlefield vehicles.

This system, connected to the vehicles vetronics or BMS, includes threat detection, situational analysis and protection reaction features. It considerably upgrades the survivability of vehicles by offering multi-band masking solutions (UV, visible, infrared and millimeter), modern decoy concepts, jamming and disengagement capabilities when used in accordance with the recommended operating conditions.

Combining cutting-edge sensors and effectors, dedicated to increase the protection of combat vehicle against various threats, S-KAPS provides the following advanced capabilities:

  • Detection

Specific sensors (laser, acoustic, infrared) detect and identify several types of threats (missiles, vehicles, soldiers, snipers, laser range finder, UAV…).

Additional sensors can be integrated in order to obtain further information such as environmental conditions: weather station to collect wind speed and direction.

  • Data Analysis and Decision

Through its advanced algorithms, S-KAPS analyzes, recommends and generates the most appropriate REACTION.

  • Reaction

  1. Defensive

It can be defensive with masking or decoying effects coming from GALIX Lacroix range of ammunition fired by the smoke grenade launchers. Additional jamming effects can be used against UAV threat.

  1. Recommended Maneuver

Displayed to the crew (commander, driver) based on environmental (wind data from weather station) and vehicle kinematic (speed and direction data from GPS and Inertial Navigation System) inputs, to optimize the efficiency of the S-KAPS protection sequence (duration, vehicle relative live position versus the detected threats).

  1. Offensive

If the vehicle is equipped with Remote Weapon Station (RWS), S-KAPS can provide slew-to-cue capability. Collaborative protection can be taken into account in the future.

The “live” configuration presented on WDS is combining GALIX smoke grenade launchers, Pilar acoustic detection by Metravib, LED50 laser warning sensors by Saab Grintek, and now with Perisight, the scalable optronic solution from Bertin Technologies, to provide 360° situational awareness during the day and night. S-KAPS system is capable of defeating top attack threats too.

Perisight, the scalable optronic solution from Bertin Technologies
Perisight, the scalable optronic solution from Bertin Technologies

Come and meet us at Lacroix booth Hall 1 G7.5 for discussing S-KAPS features with Lacroix experts attending the show!