May Spectrum SitRep

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest electronic warfare news in the product, programme and operational domains.

New COMINT Consulting Capabilities

COMINT Consulting has shared with Armada what the company says is a first for the communications and signals intelligence market, specifically precision Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) classification. LFSR is a complex mathematical procedure which in the communications and signals intelligence context allows the extraction of one or more polynomials. The company told Armada that these polynomials can be used to identify the encryption hardware and/or software maybe using. This process can be performed in real time. COMINT Consulting added that LFSR precision classification will be available with its Krypto500 analysis, classification and decoding software by the end of April. The Krypto500 software performs these tasks across wavebands of three kilohertz up to 30 megahertz.

COMINT Consulting Screen Shot
COMINT Consulting’s new LFSR classification capability will be available on the company’s Krypto500 signal analysis, classification and decoding software by the end of April.

Impressive Integrity

Shift5 announced the release of its new GPS Integrity Module on 23rd April. A company press release described the product as a “platform-agnostic solution applicable for military, aviation, rail, maritime, and space industries.” The module determines changes to navigational position “through multi-faceted anomaly detection methods.” The module helps alert users to GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) spoofing attacks as they occur. The GPS Integrity Module works by performing algorithmic position analysis to determine significant position deviations and “GPS (Global Positioning System) data validation to verify GPS information accuracy.” Should GNSS spoofing be determined, users are notified immediately. Egon Rinderer, Shift5’s chief technology officer, told Armada that GNSS jamming can be identified through advanced signal analysis, anomaly detection, cross-validation with alternative navigation sources, and geolocation analysis and timing verification. The GPS Integrity Module “utilises raw data generated by sensors and systems onboard platforms.” Mr. Rinderer added that Shift5 is currently deploying the GPS Integrity Module with an unnamed customer.

Shift5 GPS Integrity Module
This screenshot shows how users can be altered of instances of GNSS jamming via the GPS Integrity Module. The system uses several techniques to determine whether local GNSS-transmitted position, navigation and timing signals are being disrupted.

by Dr. Thomas Withington