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Editor, Defence commentator, journalist, military historian.
Silvus_Armada Podcast

Military Communications Podcast 4: Spectrum Dominance

The modern electromagnetic battlespace is becoming more distributed, more mobile and more lethal. As neer-peer adversaries continue to develop and deploy advanced electronic warfare...
Thurbon CEMA Screenshot

June Spectrum SitRep

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest electronic warfare news in the product, programme and operational domains. THURBON enhancements MASS has unveiled further enhancements to the company’s...

Radioflash! Episode 12: Space to Think

The importance of space as a domain of warfare is deepening. Since the dawn of the space age in the 1950s, militaries have exploited...
ALARM Missile

Difficult Decisions

Armada has been told that the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD) had considered supplying examples of the ALARM missile to Ukraine. A senior...
General Atomics SOAR SIGINT Pod

There be Dragons!

Reports on social media emerged in April that Royal Air Force General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper uninhabited aerial vehicles are flying equipped with the Outdragon...
Currawong Radio Interface System

May Radio Roundup

Armada’s monthly roundup of all the latest news in the military communications product, programme and operational domains. FMC300 helps SDR Upgradability Abaco Systems has shared details...
US Army Tactical Radio

Band on the Run

In-band full duplex radio communications is a potentially game-changing technology enabling simultaneous voice and data transmission and reception, and electronic warfare applications, using the...
Sky Sabre

Cleansing the Skies

A new report details the communications challenges faced by the British Army as the force looks to enhance and overhaul its ground-based air defence...
British Army Banshee BTR Radio on Display

Talking to the Banshee

A new British Army capability is providing cellular connectivity on the battlefield for voice and data traffic, along with conventional communications backhaul, all via...

Product Spotlight: Novator Solutions’ HUGIN-304DF and HUGIN-4000

In this new Armada column, we profile two of Novator Solution’s products, its HUGIN-304DF and HUGIN-4000 COMINT systems. Novator Solutions’ HUGIN-304DF is a tactical...

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