Mac Jee launches new Armadillo during LAAD 2024, the main defense sector fair in Latin America

Mac Jee, a Brazilian leader in the defense industry, is a confirmed presence at the LAAD 2024 fair, the largest exhibition of defense and technology products and services in Latin America.

The company took to the event the new version of the Armadillo, a police tactical force vehicle for urban disturbances that aims to protect convoys and clear paths.

The police Armadillo has extreme versatility and attracts attention with its cutting-edge design and capabilities. Designed and developed for extreme operating conditions, the Mac Jee vehicle can reach speeds of up to 113km/h, weighs almost three tons and can carry two crew members inside the cabin. It has armor, external and thermal cameras, a smoke grenade launcher and fairing absorber. It has an integrated retractable machine gun with 7.62mm ammunition with quick reloading and efficient aiming, as well as other integrated systems such as: communication, location and firing system connected with the command center and interaction with the local police tactical system.

Mac Jee’s participation in the event highlights Brazil’s significant role in the global defense scenario and highlights the capacity of Brazilian industry to develop cutting-edge technologies to face contemporary security challenges.