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USAF B-2A Spirit Strategic Bomber

Spirit of Cooperation

The USAF’s Boeing B-2A Spirit strategic bombers are getting communications enhancements which will help them obtain new mission information during their sorties. On 9th August,...
Reutech Project Radiate Tactical Radios for South African Military

Project Radiate Delivers

The South African National Defence Force is finally receiving a surfeit of new tactical radios allowing it to retire a raft of legacy systems. Reports...
RAF Boulmer Guardian Workstations

Sharing the Picture

New incarnations of the Royal Air Force’s Guardian integrated air defence system command and control architecture will be upgraded with NATO’s Link-16 communications protocol....
NEOS-OPAL demonstrator (credit: ESG)

OPAL connects to NATO’s Link 16 ESG and IAI unveil groundbreaking interoperability

Germany’s ESG Elektroniksystem and Logistik, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), have set up a groundbreaking demonstrator. Based at ESG, this will highlight the exceptional...
SATCOM Direct Ku-band Terminal for C-130

June Radio Roundup

SATCOM for Hercules R4 Integration’s Multi-Purpose Hatch System (MPHS) is being enhanced with Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple Ku-band (14 gigahertz/GHz uplink and 10.9GHz to 12.75GHz...
CESMO Plotted Radar Bearings

CESMO Steps Forward

NATO’s Cooperative Electronic Support Measure electronic warfare datalink protocol, better known as CESMO, is being enhanced with new capabilities. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO’s)...
Northrop Grumman USAF SPOC Airborne Radio

SPOC’s Ears

The US Air Force’s SPOC airborne communications system moves forward, helping the air force’s realisation of its Airborne Battle Management System concept. Towards late March,...
Royal Navy Daring class destroyer

The Blessed Plot

A promising new development aims to overcome naval surveillance radar line-of-sight restrictions to improve ballistic missile detection and engagement. Thales shared details of the Plot...
Estonia's CR-14 cyber range

Sending a Clear Message

NATO is developing new messaging standards protocol for cyberspace operations which could soon complement the Alliance’s existing messaging formats. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)...
General Atomics MQ-9B SkyGuardian UAV

December Radio Roundup

Armada's monthly roundup of all the latest news in the military communications product, programme and operational domains. Joining Forces Down Under Viasat and Trellisware are confident...

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