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Issue of April/May 2019 (2460 downloads)
Editorial Topics:
  • Air Force: Analysing Integrated Maritime Mission Systems: Martin Streetly takes a close look at four integrated mission systems currently being used for maritime patrol missions.
  • Sea Power: Patrol Punch: Oceanic OPVs: Dr. Lee Willett takes a close look at the multimission capabilities of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s Holland-class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs).
  • Land Warfare: ‘Little Friends’ Guide the way ahead: Stephen W. Miller discusses what S-UAVs and M-UAVs can bring to squad level situational awareness.
  • Sea Power: China’s Jiangkai Frigate Roll-Out delivers Global Reach:The expansion of China’s naval reach is boulstered to a large degree by its Jiangkai frigate programme, as Dr. Lee Willett explains.
  • Specops: Special Forces keep ‘Eyes On’ Forces Debrief: SOF operators need to continually monitor new technology that may help them achieve the most intricate of tasks. Andrew White reports.
  • Country Analysis: Isreal’s Defence Industry: Andrew Drwiega looks at how Israeli companies retain their focus on producing battlefield ready equipment.
  • Armada Commentary: Winds of Change in The Fighter Market: Andrew Hunter examines the changing nature of ‘big ticket’ fighter programmes.
Issue of April/May 2019 (2460 downloads)