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Editorial Topics:

  • Land Warfare: AA Lighter, Better Bang for Your Buck: Stephen W. Miller Examines New Advances in Personal Weapons and Ammunition.
  • Technology Focus: Breaking Burdock: Dr. Thomas Withington examines Russia’s tactical C2 system now in use in Ukraine – and discovers its weaknesses.
  • Air Power: NH90 Sea Tiger on Course for Service in 2026: Andrew Drwiega witnesses the maiden flight of the NH90 Sea Tiger at Airbus Donauwörth in Germany.
  • Sensors – Naval: Eyes of the Ships: The rapid identification of threats, especially small ones and possibly swarms, is of increasing concern to traditional naval vessels. Dr Lee Willett reports.
  • Sensors – UAV: Stabilising Unmanned Images: While UAVs are now in widespread use, the quality of the images that they can provide underscores their worth as David Oliver discovers.
  • Sensors – Land: A New Vision of the Enemy: Andrew White finds that new technology including augmented reality and artificial intelligence are improving military optics.
  • Sea Power: The Future of Mine CounterMeasures is Multi-Dimensional: Dr. Alix Valenti examines the toolbox approach which extensively relies on unmanned systems for mine countermeasures.

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