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Editorial Topics:
  • Land Warfare: Beefing Up Battle Wagons: Infantry fighting vehicles are getting harder to locate and destroy. Stephen W. Miller finds out why.
  • Spec Ops and Expeditionary Forces Debrief: Andrew White finds out how SOF forces are enabling their communications in A2AD and C2D2 environments.
  • Sea Power: Power Hungry Warships: Tim Fish examines the need for extra power generation for electronics-heavy warships.
  • Land Warfare: SITREP: The Suwalki Gap: Dr. Thomas Withington discusses the US Army’s current approach to enhancing its electronic warfare capabilities.
  • Military Rotorcraft: Three articles that examine today’s military rotorcraft: next generation manned; weaponising utility Black Hawks; and advances in electric power. Andrew Drwiega and Robert Torgerson report.
  • Country Analysis: Poland looks to shed robes of the past: Divesting older Soviet era equipment is a major drive for Polish defence acquisition, as Andrew Drwiega discovers.
  • Paris Airshow: Highlights: Michael J Gething reports on a selection of the headline announcements at this year’s Le Bourget aviation trade expo.
  • Armada Commentary: Ill Wind blowing through Defence Trade: Andrew Hunter examines the increasingly blurred lines between statecraft, national security and defence exports.

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