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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Russian Army Revitalised: General of the Army and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has been at the centre of defence reforms since his appointment in 2012. Report by David Oliver and Andrew Drwiega.
  • Land Warfare: AUSA – Medernising the Army: Andrew Drwiega reviews a selection of highlights from this year’s annual US Army gathering in Washington DC.
  • Sea Power: Seeing Things Differently: Optonic periscopes are not only delivering a clearer operational picture, but their design now allows sub-builders more freedom in the layout of their vessels, as Dr Lee Willett explains.
  • Air Power: One Fighter for Europe – or Two?: Jon Lake looks into Dassault Aviation’s teaming with Airbus to create a Next Generation Fighter for Europe.
  • Land Warfare: Light Yet Indispensable: Stephen W. Miller looks at the modern successors to the WWII ‘Jeep’, finding that they are now even moving towards unmanned platforms.
  • Technology Focus: Deep Dive Into Electric Motors: Peter Donaldson provides an insight into electric motors, adding some industry initiatives into where the technology is heading.
  • Spec Ops: Not Just Any Weapon: Special force operators look for any new developments in weapons technology that might give them that extra edge. Andrew White reports.
  • Regional Focus: North African Air Power: David Oliver examines the effects of the Arab Spring on air forces along the North African coast.
  • Armada Commentary: Maintaining ASUA’s Prototype Momentum: Andrew Hunter visits AUSA and highlights some of the industry trends witnessed at the show.

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