Ukraine Orion

Ukraine’s Unmanned Air War

UAVs are being used at the centre of air operations conducting ISTAR missions on a daily basis. We have recently seen extensive use of unmanned...
Italian MQ-9

A Gathering of Reapers

The MQ-9 Reaper has become a ‘must have’ capability among Europe’s armed forces looking for a weapon capable UAV. The conflict in Ukraine has spurred...
UAV Technology 2022

SAE Media Group Announces 2022 UAV Technology Participants

SAE Media Group is pleased to announce the participants of its 2022 UAV Technology Conference. The highly anticipated conference will take place on 26-27 September...
MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters Announces New Ownership and Leadership

New Board of Directors with Highly Skilled Executives Bring Significant Aerospace & Defense and Financial Expertise. MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) is pleased to announce new...

Master and Servant

New information on the Russian Army’s Orlan-10 UAVs’ vulnerability to electronic warfare has come to light. Sources involved with Ukrainian Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations...
GE’s XA100* adaptive cycle engine for the F-35 is meeting current goals for the US Air Force’s Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP).

Industry Contracts Awarded for US Air Force’s Next Generation Adaptive Engine Development

On Friday 15 August the US Department of Defense announced that five companies had been awarded contracts - each worth $975 million for a...

NATO Tests Multinational Air Interoperability in Contested Environment Over Slovakia

A complex multinational air exercise was staged recently over NATO’s member state Slovakia earlier in the month to provide those participating with a sophisticated,...

What Can Your Wingman Do for You?

The push to develop ‘loyal wingmen’ is widening but still leaves questions over how much complexity/capability they should have verses their attritability. Today’s congested and...

Find out more about the Workshops taking place around the Defence Exports Conference this...

SAE Media Group reports: Defence Exports Conference will be hosting four different Workshops, around the defence trade compliance, which will convene in September 2022. SAE...
The Ionosphere

Ionosphere Investigations – DARPA’s Ouija Programme Gets Underway

The US’ Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Ouija programme will delve into the mysterious world of ionospheric high frequency communications. Skywave HF (three to...

Highlight of the Month

General Atomics MQ-9B SkyGuardian UAV

December Radio Roundup

Prototype terahertz antenna

Going Up in the World

Arkeocean AUVs

Wifi Below the Waves


It’s Just a Phase