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2023 Dragon's Lair Victors

Beware of Imitations

Award-winning innovation could help the US Army significantly improve the protection of its deployed tactical networks. Troops from the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division...
Combat-34 Handheld Radio

Old Wine in New Bottles?

Russia may have deployed a new domestically produced handheld radio into Ukraine. Is it likely to help alleviate some of the Russian land forces’...
Multiband Test Terminal

Starship Enterprise

The Protected Tactical Enterprise Service and Protected Tactical Waveform are conferring important resilience enhancements on US military satellite communications. The United States’ Space Systems Command...

Sat-Com – secure and tactical communications

Modern militaries need to communicate securely and effortlessly, between old and new equipment and across different arms of service. Traditionally, defence forces have used...

Highlight of the Month