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Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled 8 X 8 armoured combat vehicle with an unmanned turret

Poland Fields New Rosomak 8X8 Fighting Vehicle Variant

In the final week of January 2024 the Polish Army released the first photos of the latest version of the Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled 8...

Automatic Vehicle Mounted Mortars to Get Combat Debut

In April 2023 it was reported that the Polish Government had agreed to provide the Ukrainian Army with three tactical sets of its RAK120...
RAK120 green and brown camo on 8X8

Vehicle Integrated Automatic Mortars Combat Multiplier

Indirect fires, both artillery and mortars, have demonstrated a decisive contribution on the battlefield. These fires have proven most effective when delivered in mass...

Soucy Defense at MSPO Poland

Soucy Defense are showcasing their CRT technology, in partnership with Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), on the new Borsuk IFV vehicle at MSPO Poland. The...

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