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Russian Land Forces EW Base in Tskhinvali

Georgia On My Mind

Armada has learned that Russian land forces have deployed several electronic warfare units to the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. South Ossetia is in...
Allen-Vanguard Scorpion backpack ESM

September Spectrum SitRep

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest electronic warfare news in the product, programme and operational domains. Taming the Scorpion Allen-Vanguard announced in late July it...
The 'digital ocean' concept (Credit: Liquid Robotics, a Boeing company)

Digital Ocean

Covering 70 percent of the Earth's surface and extending to a maximum depth of about 11,000 metres (36,000 ft), the ocean remains largely unexplored...

The Art of Countering Artillery Fires in Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion and occupation of southern and eastern Ukraine moves into a new phase, counter-battery radar is proving its worth as the artillery...

War Without End?

In January 2015, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) transitioned to a non-combat support role to assist the Government of the Islamic Republic of...

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