Webinar: Multi-Domain COMINT/EW – Automated Counter-Drone Mission Operations


Throughout the Ukraine/Russia war, the traditional doctrine governing the relationship between COMINT and EW in multi-domain operations has been redefined. The once-separate roles of supporting and supported have merged into a single coordination effort to achieve EMS dominance. Ground commanders play a pivotal role in orchestrating the real-time coordination of these two elements in the battlespace.

To improve situational awareness, military forces integrate advanced systems, facilitating real-time information sharing. This enables ground commanders to make informed decisions and coordinate manoeuvres. Advanced EW systems operate across air, land, sea, and space, supporting signal intelligence, electronic attack, and countermeasures. This collaborative approach is reshaping battlespace dynamics and challenging traditional military parity concepts.

Another outcome of this conflict is the significance of airspace superiority demonstrated by the increased deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Drones are essential for mission success, excelling in aerial reconnaissance and precision airstrikes, and improving operational flexibility and efficiency.

WEBINAR INVITE: Multi-Domain COMINT/EW: Automated Counter-Drone Mission Operations

The webinar showcases ATDI’s comprehensive EMS analysis, planning, and operational software solutions tailored for battlespace communications intelligence and real-time automated mission planning.

Focusing on counter-drone operations, ATDI offers a holistic approach to mission planning, focussing on the use of intelligence, data analysis, and the use of automation. The webinar demonstrates how real-life information from sensors and direction finding (DF) is analysed to support tactical mission plans.

The key elements of this event will cover:

  • Tackling the challenges using advanced signal intelligence and real-time mission planning on the move.
  • Solution demo using counter-drone mission planning:
    • Automated counter-CRPA drone mission planning using HTZ Warfare and Restful API (ATDI).
    • Signal measurements using SignalShark ADFA (NARDA).
    • Targets detection, acquisition, recognition, interception and localisation using using ICS Monitoring SDRN Control.

This webinar will highlight three key solutions:

  • ICS Monitoring SDRN Control – a flexible networking monitoring solution to improve data analysis and control of EW tasks. Compatible with all leading monitoring solutions.
  • HTZ Warfare – a tactical spectrum engineering solution for deployment, optimisation and real-time analysis of mission critical networks. Models airborne, terrestrial, and maritime platforms and supports ground communications, air-to-ground and ground-to-air services.
  • HTZ Automation – streamlines complex RF planning calculations into easy user-defined workflows. Integrates seamlessly with third-party platforms for enhanced operability.


Date: 10 September 2024
Delivery: Microsoft Teams

EUROPE: 09.00 BST > 10.00 CEST – click here
USA:  10.00 EDT > 13.00 PDT – click here

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About ATDI:

For more than three decades, ATDI has provided customised spectrum management solutions for the defence industry, leveraging spectrum-dependent systems like communication links, electronic warfare sensors, radio jammers, and radars. Their flagship RF technical analysis solution, HTZ Warfare, models robust, tactical networks which adapt to dynamic warfighter operations and which feature automated functions to simplify and automate key product features.

For more information: https://www.atdi.com