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10th Intelligence Workshop – a positive overall balance

Hamburg, May 2019 - The Intelligence Workshop, which also this year traditionally opened EW Europe in Stockholm, achieved record figures in its 10th edition...

Raytheon moves ahead with its new passive airborne ELINT/ESM gathering system

By Dr. Thomas Withington, EW Europe, Stockholm - During the EW Europe conference and exhibition being held in Stockholm between 14 - 15 May, Raytheon’s...

Carbon Lifeform

By Dr. Thomas Withington, EW Europe, Stockholm - My-Konsult unveiled a new version of Astor-IV electronic warfare training pod at EW Europe. The company...

Flashhawk Nears Completion

By Dr. Thomas Withington, EW Europe, Stockholm - Avantix’ new Flashhawk airborne communications intelligence system could complete development by the end of the year. The firm...

Advancing EW and Electromagnetic Operations Together

AOC EW Europe will take place at the Olympia, London from 6-8 June 2017. The conference will consider the future of EW and EM...

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