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Orion-E UAV showcased with Kalashnikov Vikhr missile at MAKS

The Kronshtadt company, the major Russian developer and producer of military drones, has unveiled for the first time at the MAKS-2021 airshow the Orion-E...

IDEX will see the premiere of the brand-new Russian small arms – AK-19 and...

IDEX 2021 will see the first official presentation by the Rosoboronexport of the brand new Kalashnikov AK-19 assault rifle and PLK compact pistol. “AK-19 is...

Rosoboronexport starts promoting a new series of Kalashnikov assault rifles

Rosoboronexport, part of the Rostec State Corporation, has launched a global marketing campaign to promote the AK200 series legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles manufactured by...

War Without End?

In January 2015, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) transitioned to a non-combat support role to assist the Government of the Islamic Republic of...
ACE assault rifles

Hitting Where It Hurts

With the advancement in equipment and technology associated with “Near Peer” states including Russia, NATO members and other allied nations are becoming increasingly concerned...

Corvettes on Course

“Increasing demand for flexible ships that can adapt to multiple missions has been driving the corvette market over the last fifteen years,” notes Stephane...

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