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Saab Future Operator

Saab designs future workspace concept to speed up ‘ops room’ decision making

Saab has revealed design details for a new warship ‘ops room’ operator console set-up. The ‘future operator workspace’ concept integrates the operator and the...

MBDA’s Cyber-Secure Multi-Mission Firing Control Unit

During Euronaval, MBDA presented its Multi-Mission Firing Unit (MMFU), MBDA’s new cyber-secured firing unit designed to operate all MBDA’s weapon systems. “Currently, on ships,...

Saab’s enhanced C4I Capability

Building on 50 years of experience, Saab’s 9LV was originally designed for operations in the Baltic Sea, a high clutter environment and a military...

Rafael’s Typhoon Mk30c unveiled

The Rafael Typhoon Mk30c is the latest version of this enduring stabilised, small caliber naval gun. There are two rapidly developing threats to naval vessels...
Fridtjof Nansen class

Norwegian Frigate Modernisation

Kongsberg will perform an overarching upgrade of the Combat Management Systems (CMSs) equipping the Sjøforsvaret (Royal Norwegian Navy) ‘Fridtjof Nansen’ class frigates. Following the...

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