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The OMFV program

US Army Big Six Requirements and Programmes (Part 1)

This is the first of a two part series to explain the US Army’s ‘Big Six’ programmes to future proof it over the coming...

Breaking A2D2 with Long Range Fires

Published in the February/March 2021 Issue - Enhancing the delivery of long range precision fires (LRPF) is being driven largely as a potential response...
Long Range Precision Fires

AUSA: Lockheed Martin Updates on Precision Strike Missile Tests

AUSA: Washington DC: Long Range Precision Fires is a top modernisation priority for the US Army. Brigadier General Rafferty, director of the Long Range Precision...

LRPF Force Multiplier

Getting greater firepower in the same package is one of the objectives of Raytheon’s Long Range Precision Firepower (LRPF) missile development, for which a...

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